C&C Napoleonics 4.0.6 movement trail from eliminated units

Just played with this version of the module and noticed that, when a unit loses its last block and moves to the opponent’s victory banner area, it leaves a movement trail. This trail is not cleared by ending the player’s turn. And there’s no longer a button to clear movement trails…

Intriguingly, the trails do disappear if I scroll so that the edge containing the relevant banners (the grey area) is no longer on the screen. They re-appear when I scroll back.

And they’re still there when I load a saved game.

Hi Pevans! I noticed this myself the other day. May I ask what version of Vassal were you using?

I look into this issue on my next cycle around C&CN maintenance (soon).

Ah yes, should have noted that: we were using Vassal 3.6.5 - downloaded and installed this morning.

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