C&C Samurai Battles module - depreciated code

decreciated code in Samurai Battles module

Deprecated classes, methods, and fields in C:\Users\Mark\My Games\C&C Samurai Battles\CCSamuraiV1.34
(used by => removed item, date eligible for removal)

ancients.Scenario => VASSAL.tools.ErrorDialog.dataError(VASSAL.build.BadDataReport), 2022-12-01
ancients.ScenarioChooser$1 => VASSAL.tools.ErrorDialog.dataError(VASSAL.build.BadDataReport), 2022-12-01

what is the fix?

If the module doesn’t have a Scenario Chooser, the fix is to unzip the module, remove the “ancients” folder and re-zip it back to a .vmod.

looking into this now.

I’ll fix it. By sheer chance, I opened Scenario 7 and found that it has got cards discarded from the Dragon deck. Can’t see any explanation of this in the scenario notes so I guess this is a setup error that hasn’t been spotted due to decks being on a separate window. I checked Sc01-15 and will check the rest before I publish the update.

thanks Mark.

and weird about scenario 7

there are 3 known scenario issues as well
Scenario 35 (Suriagehara) is missing the 3 hills near Date Shigezane’s position. When opening the module, I see 3 error messages:
Scenario 34 (Takakura Castle) appears to be accurate, but none of the units have indications of the number of blocks they have. Click the 101 marker and save
Scenario 33: the number of starting honor and fortune tokens is reversed. Blue should start with 7 and red should start with 4.

all of those I can fix easily

In Sc35, are these the hills you can see?

I get two errors messages:

- Loading G35 SURIAGEHARA 1589 AD.vsav ...
- Bad Data in Module: Image not found imageedit_9_5704818611.gif
- Bad Data in Module: Image not found imageedit_6_4613479786.gif
- Loaded G35 SURIAGEHARA 1589 AD.vsav

I might just rebuilt the scenario, as I can’t track down what pieces these missing images are associated with.

@MarkMcG - have shared an updated module with you on dropbox.