Caesar's Legion - Hidden Tactical Card Display Problem

My opponent and I are playing a PBEM game of Caesars’Legions on Vassal. But when an opponent selects a Tactical Card for combat, the other player can flip it up to look at it before that player selects a Tactical Card.

So what are we missing? How do you keep the first Tactical Card selected face down until after the second Tactical Card is selected for card viewing by both players?

A “Restricted Access” needs to be added to each Card Prototype.

Roman cards need a “Restricted Access - Roman”

German cards need a “Restricted Access - German”

That will prevent the other player from looking at the card before being revealed.

iam2509, thank you for that information! How does one setup “restricted access”?

I have uploaded Version 2.2 to the vassal website. … 7s_Legions

Contact me if you have any problems.

Thank you iam2509! We will check it out and report back.


I have updated the Caesar’s Legions vassal module, adding more restrictions to the Tactics cards.

Please check it out - I’m hoping this does the trick and it now works as it should (i.e. preventing the other player from flipping his opponent’s chosen tactical card!)



Found the problem and module should work properly now:

Under Global Options - I have now set “Allow non-owning player to unmask pieces” to NEVER.