Can a Logfile be made to play continuously?


Can a logfile be made to play continuously without having to press the hotkey for every step or action - kind of a video recorder playback of the game contained in the file.

This would be good to be able to watch a play through without having to constantly hit the hotkey to advance each step.

info would be much much appreciated.

Thank you.

Happy Wanderer

Not possible at present–maybe someone could design some custom code for it, but it would probably need UI elements to configure…e.g., how long to delay between steps forward.

Actually I think it is possible but a pain.

Load the first log and immediately start a new log file. Step through the first log. When it is finished do a Load Continuation of the next log. Step through it and keep repeating Load Continuation until finished stepping through the logs until through the last log. Then end the log file you started at the beginning.

Well, of course Load Continuation can be used to replay several logs in succession–but it requires manual intervention (selecting and loading each log) and a zillion key presses.

He was asking about “unattended” automatic playback.

Thanks Guys,

Sounds like mod for Vassal 4. The start/stop options is pretty clunky…but thanks for the tips.



check out this user manual: … tilisateur

You could try a keyboard scripted app that records and plays back mouse and keyboard activities so it clicks the step through quickly, that would create the effect you want.