Can I play against others online?

I just found this site and want to know if I can play against others online. I teach history and would like to get my coworkers into a game? Axis and Allies and Gettysburg would be great. I downloaded the at-home version but there is no one to play against. I couldn’t figure out how to play a game online and then invite others to play as well. Any guidance would be great. Thanks

Yes, you can. Use the button on the top left of the toolbar to access the server controls, then join the Vassal server, open a room and have your co-workers join it. Then start a game and have them also start a game afterwards, better if one at a time to avoid conflicts picking sides (if any defined), and also have them right click resync to make sure. But I am not used to play real time, so perhaps things have changed from the last time I played… Beware also that there are hundreds of Vassal modules for all kind of games, so if you are hoping to find somebody interested in playing the exact same game as you, at the exact same time, you are probably going to be disappointed.

On the other hand, if you want to play on a turn based basis, exchanging moves by email or dropbox or the like, then you just start the game on your side, say, then “Begin logfile” from the the “file menu” and give it a name like “game1-turn1-axis.vlog”. Then play out your move, commenting in chat as you go a long to clarify what you are doing, then “End logfile” and email/share it with your friends. The next player in turn order should then double click on it, play it through using the “play” button in the toolbar (like the play button of a tape recorder) and at the end start a new logfile, taking his turn etc, as above.

The answer to your question is “yes, you can play with others online”. But just like a normal game you have to arrange for your opponents yourself.