Can not upload a new module.

Are uploads still disabled or is it my account?

Thus spake “dcholtx”:

Yes, uploads are still disabled, and probably will be for at least
another weeek.


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The only module I have is “Warmachine Module” and no one is ever in it. I can see the servers though and there are 20 WM/Hordes players online. Talk about a tease. This blows.

On Jul 14, 2010, at 12:18 AM, SlimShady wrote:

You gets what you pays for.

Besides, if you told us what games you have that you want to play
using Vassal, you might get some more pointers.

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So I am able to sign into the forum okay, but not into modules or anything. It doesn’t recognize my user name and password, and I can’t create one either. Can I assume the reason for this is just what I read above, that it’s disabled for another week?

Same problem. Can’t login to modules section to check up/fix my modules.