Can the notepad feature be left active in modules please

Not sure if this is the right place but I do have a request of those who do such great work designing the modules.

Could you please leave the notepad feature active - it is a very useful feature.

Do you have a particular module or set of modules in mind ?

Actually, most of them.

The one that triggered the post was Time of Crisis.

Wanted to just put in the turn order so we could remember it easily but no notepad.

I realize it doesn’t have any particular game functions but if you are in a PBEM game, especially multiplayer it comes in really handy to keep things on track.

You could try getting in touch with the moduler developer - login to the module page and there is often a link.


Would you consider editing the module yourself ?
It is very easy to add the Notes component.

This is what you would see if you edit a module and right-click on the top line of the module window.

Select Add Notes Window. Give Notes button a name (you can add an image too if you wish). Then save the module file under a new name and distribute to your playing group.

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I will have to test my nonexistent skills on that!


I think that it is still good etiquette to contact the module maintainer (if available) before making any changes - however simple they may be implement. The maintainer may currently be working on a change set of their own (in which case coordination is desirable), or they may offer some guidance to you on how best to implement your change, or possibly even argue against adding that change.

You need not feel obligated to accept their advice or guidance however. I believe that module “maintainer” is something of a self-appointed (e.g. - volunteer) position.

Jim Hunter.