candidate for 3.1.5

We’ve accumulated enough bug fixes for 3.1.5, I think.

Have a look at 3.1.5-svn5597 and let me know if this seems ok. In particular,
it contains these fixes:

  • Bug 2786932: MemoryUtils.getPhysicalMemory() fails on PPC Linux

  • Bug 2787242: Layer tracking Property - Report Action lags on PieceName

  • Bug 2787134: NPE during map scrolling due to off-EDT Swing calls

  • Bug 2785328: ImageIO fails to read size of JPEGs with bad color profiles

  • Bug 2784636: NPE in MapShader.buildTexture()

  • Bug 2766794: Expanded Stack of 2 pieces collapses when arrow keys used

  • Bug 2659577: ImageSaver paints Boards with no background black

  • Bug: Accidentally rejecting perfectly valid mask images in ADC2 symbol sets

  • Bug: CounterDetailViewer calls Swing methods off EDT

  • Bug: CounterDetailViewer should not appear during piece drags

  • Image scaling is now 35% faster.

  • Map-edge autoscrolling is now smoother and more responsive.