Cannot Connect To P2P Network

I cannot connect online using my laptop. When I click File/Preferences/Server it has the Vassal Legacy Server (Current). When I click on the Legacy Server all the buttons are greyed out except Add so I cannot Edit or Delete it. It also shows P2P Network but if I click on Add it does not change its status to Current but merely adds it again so that so that two P2P Networks are listed. I assume that I cannot add the P2P Network so that it becomes Current until I can Remove the Vassal Legacy Server.

On my desktop, the P2P Network is Current and I have been able to play online games using that computer.

Any help would be much appreciated.

In the preferences (Server tab) click the P2P network line in the box, and then the Set Current button. That should change the default to the existing P2P definition. Clicking ‘add’ tries to add a new, different P2P configuration.