Cannot reveal units in Pzg Guderian

We tried v1 and v1.2

We tried all the play options (observer, solo, solitaire, german, soviets)

Playing as the german I cannot reveal the soviet units… thus cannot do combat or overrun without the presence of the other player

I understand this has been a problem in the past… Are other players able to use those modules for PBEM ?

Whether intentionally designed this way or not, I have no idea–but this is working correctly per the existing configuration. The Soviet infantry and armor units both have a Mask trait and start in decks, so whoever pulls one of those off their starting decks masks it with their personal module password and becomes the owner of the piece. Non-owners can’t flip (unmask) it from that point, only the player who drew them off the deck can.

To override this, all modules have a global option you can set in the Editor: Allow non-owners to unmask pieces.

In this module it’s currently set to Never, you’d have to change that if players are meant to be able to reveal each other’s pieces.

Thank you Joel

Sorry for the stupid question but can we as players over ride this option… If yes how ?

You’d each have to edit your local copy of this module and change the aforementioned global option.

Next silly question

Where do you find this Editor ?

Launch VASSAL. From the list of previously opened modules you see, right-click the name of the one you want to edit, and choose “Edit Module”.



For the SPI PzG module the option to Edit is grayed out

You won’t be able to edit if you currently have it open for play. If that isn’t the case, report back with exactly where the module file is located in your filesystem–mostly want to verify that you are not storing the module in VASSAL’s installation folder (if using Windows).

So I was able to edit and put Allow non-owners to unmask pieces to always… But still cannot reveal as the german
Does the other player also need to do this edit ?

Interesting. I don’t know enough to predict what’d happen if you make this kind of module edit during an in-progress game. It’s possible that only newly-drawn pieces can be flipped by non-owners. The worst case is that you’d only get the altered behavior after starting a new game. I’d have to do some experimenting to figure it out unless @Brent_Easton knows offhand how this would play out.