Cannot stop my view snapping to opponent's when they move pi

Is it possible to stop Vassal snapping to my opponent’s view when they move a piece?

In the Churchill module whenever an opponent moves a piece all our views are centred on that piece. Have we got some setting wrong or is it just this module? I cannot see any reference to it in the manual.

Thanks for any help,

It is possible, but unfortunately it will require all players to edit their copy of the module (this assumes usage of module version 1.13, which I see is the latest available).

After opening the module in the Editor, double-click Global Options and then change the value of the “center on opponents moves” setting. You can choose “Never” or “Use Preferences Setting”, which exposes a control in the user’s own module preferences to let them decide whether or not to enable this intensely annoying feature. :slight_smile:

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Thankyou very much. I would never have found this without help since I was searching for “snap to view” and similar.