Cannot use camera for "Save Map as PNG Image"

When I hit the camera button to save the map as a PNG image, it opens up File Explorer for me to pick a location. Everything works fine with hitting save (with .png being the default extension and All Files being the “Save as type”), but when I go to locate the file, it’s not there.

I was having a similar problem when using VASSAL version 3.6.8 - though back then, the file would show up in the folder I saved it to, but it was not a PNG and wouldn’t open.

OS: Windows 11
Memory: 64GB
VASSAL: 3.6.15
Module: Pirates of the Spanish Main (version 2.1 from 3/2/2018)

Thanks for any help!

What location on your hard drive are you choosing? Provide the exact path if you know it.

The default saves to my computer profile.
However, I just tried it again and it worked fine - I think upgrading to 3.6.19 may have helped somehow.
Thank you!