Cant add a new module?

Hello all

Really enjoyig VASSAL, to such a degree that I’ve just created my own game using the engine. I’d previously only been using it to play a game someone else created, but now want to add my game. However, when i try to install the midule installer, it throws up the page asking for name and password.

When I try to put in my name and password, it tells me that :

“unable to overwrite: C:\Documetns and Settings\VASSAL\PreferencesData stored in C:Documents and Settings\VASSAL…”

so i cant get any further with it - any suggestions?

Thus spake “Leigh Shepherd”:

Which version of VASSAL are you using? Which module?


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It’s version 3.0

The modules are both home brews as it were - the first one being created by a friend and the second one being my own invention which I was going to test out with said friend.

I’m wondering if it’s a problem with me putting in the wrong password. I’ve tried logging in and viewing my preferences, but the password is hidden and it won’t let me change it - is there any way of finding out what password you’ve used?

This means that the program couldn’t get permissions to write the Preferences file. Maybe because another copy of VASSAL is holding it open. If you can’t find the other copy of VASSAL to kill, you may need to reboot.


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Cheers, thats got it.

should have known “turn it off and on again” would be the charm - now to testing the actual game!

Thanks again for the help and for providing such a great tool.