Can't delete Image Capture Tool

I’m using Vassl 3.7.7 and the delete option for Image Capture Tool, Zoom capability and some others are greyed in Map Windows and don’t allowed me to delete them. I remember in old versions of Vassal I could do that but not now. Is not possible to delete these tolls in the new versions on Vassal or I’m doing something wrong?

The Zoomer has been a mandatory component since 3.7.7. I believe the Image Capture tool has been a mandatory component since 3.7.1.

If you want to hide these buttons from the user view, you could do that by removing any Button name or image from the component.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, even if it was possible to delete Zoom, I highly highly would discourage you from doing so.

Zoom is a critical feature for those with visual impairments to be able to play. As a guy with really bad / aging vision, the zoom ability has been a godsend that has allowed me to keep playing games, that I otherwise would give up on.

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