Can't delete Zoom Capability from window

After adding a Zoom Capability to a Map window, I am unable to delete it; the option is greyed out.

A second minor issue is that the Zoom capability can’t be dragged to a new location in the tree but it can be done via the Move menu option.

Vassal vers: 3.7.5
Windows vers: 11

We made some changes to the Module Editor, classifying various components as Mandatory, Unique and/or Immobile to prevent common editing mistakes.

The Zoom Capability has been marked as Mandatory. This is probably a little over-zealous, there is no real requirement that a map have zoom capability.

That’s a bug, Unique components are being prevented from being moved via drag and drop. Thanks for the report.

Hi Brent
Thanks for the info and the quick reply.

A slight correction to what I stated above: the first Zoom capability that you add can’t be deleted. You are allowed to add a second Zoom cap and that one can be deleted.