Can't download upgrade or install

Can’t download upgrade or install, as it says it isn’t trusted. It request authorization. Is there some code required. I currently have 3.6.7. Please advise.

What says “it isn’t trusted”? What is “it”? Please be specific.

There is no code required for anything.

Maybe post some screenshots so we can see what you’re seeing?"Windows_protected_your_PC"_when_running_the_installer

Joel, already covered, as per a link you provided in another thread.

I currently have 3.6.7 and it offers me a newer version 3.6.10. When I download the Windows 64 but version it appears in my download folder as

Unconfirmed 66482.crdownload

not an .exe. How do I open it please?

That is an indication of an incomplete download. There’s nothing you can do with it other than attempt to download again.

OK, and there really isn’t too much to downloading right? Click or double-click on the 64 bit Windows link and I can see this file appear immediately in my download folder. Give it 15 minutes or so and it doesn’t magically change name to the .exe file I’m expecting. The immediate file size is 61,371 KB and that doesn’t get bigger.

So, pathetic question and sorry, but what could be causing an incomplete download?

Edit to Add: I downloaded it no problem on work computer and transfered to home and upgraded engine so I’m good to go. Still curious if anybody knows what might be challenge with downloading directly to home? In any case, thanks!

Bad internet connection? If you internet drops out while downloading, you will end up with an incomplete download.

Thanks Brent. Yeah, maybe. I use the home computer all day for work (remote worker) and it had no trouble pulling the file over from work. Maybe my ISP didn’t like it? But you’d think they would equally not like it from work as from the VASSAL site. I dunno. Probably not worth worrying about but appreciate the help