Can't get into my Saved Games

I’ve just gotten a new computer. I’ve installed the latest version of VASSAL on it and downloaded the latest module version (which is the same as the one I was previously playing on). Following directions I found on this forum, I was also able to find my User Name and Password on my old hard drive, so I know I am using the same IDs. But VASSAL won’t let me into my saved games-in-progress except as an observer. What’s going on? Do I need some form of ID besides User Name and Password?

On your new PC did you use the same password that you used on the old one for the games?

If not try that.


Yes, that’s why I dug up my username and password from the old hard drive, so I could be sure I was using the same ones.

Anyone? Can anyone help me? What could be keeping me out of my game saves, when I’m using the same user name and password? Seems like it should be an easy question for anyone who knows the program well.

Thus spake “Fortuna”:

I can’t guess what the problem is without seeing your saved game. Send
me that, show me where I can get the module, and tell me the password
and I’ll look into it.


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