Can't get past password phase to start module

I just signed up. When I try to load the battlore mod, I get the window that asks for my ‘real name’ and a password. I assume my real name is the user name I signed up with and the password is the one sent to me in my email confirmation.

I put in my user name. I try to put in the password. On the first entry it says "Passwords don’t match’. I can’t start the game or join the server. What is wrong?


No, this has nothing to do with any previous passwords or user names you might have. This stage is asking you for the name you wish to be known by when playing games with Vassal and a password to be used to identify yourself on modules that require you to select sides. You can use any name you like and any password you like, but you must type exactly the same password in both of the password boxes.

I don’t know the Battlelore module, but if it does not use Sides, then you don’t have to worry about the password. If it does use Sides (i.e. when starting a new game, you must select one of the available sides), then you MUST NOT change this password once you have started a game.


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Thus spake “Shatnershairpiece”:

When you signed up? Signed up for what?

You can put whatever you like in those fields, so long as you type the
same password twice.


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