Can't get to first base

I can’t install the first file. It says:

Name: vassal.jnlp
Type: Unknown file type, 1.04kb

I can only “Find” or “Save” the file. Find takes you to a microsoft site where it says it doesn’t know what the file is.

If I save and then open it, it asks me what program I want to open the file with. Don’t know what to pick.

I thought picking Java would make sense because before I started this I downloaded Java like the FAQ said. However, I’m not smart enough to see if Java is running. There is no Java icon in the right corner, and when I go to the Java directory there doesn’t seem to be any executable file. I don’t know if Java is running, how to make it run, and even if this jnlp file is supposed to be run with Java. And, when it goes to the screen of programs to pick to “run” the file with, Java is not a choice anyway.

None of this is discussed in the installation help.

Any ideas? Thanks.


The Java webstart version of the installer stopped working with later versions of Java, so we have moved away from this.

Please download and install the latest version 3.1.0-beta8 from … _id=656282

This is a proper installer that should get you going. The final version of 3.1.0 is due to be released shortly.


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Thank you. Now I’m “in the game”.