Can't stay connected

I’ve found that when me and a buddy are on the Vassal server playing a game, we have no connection problems as long as we’re playing. But, if we take a break for about 5 minutes or more and I’m not doing anything with the game during that time, my connection gets dropped and we have to re-connect. His never drops.

This will occur even if I’m still on the computer doing other things. It’s just if I leave the game alone for about 5 minutes, it will drop.

I assumed it my be a router setting of some kind but I can find nothing in the router that deals with inactive connections.

Has anyone else had the problem?

I’m using XP and a Lynksys router on DSL. I have port 5050 open on the router. It’s a wireless router but this particular computer is hard-lined.


I doubt this has anything to do with port 5050, if I understand the documentation correctly, this is only relevant if one of you is acting as the server for a peer-to-peer connection.

I agree. But I’ve had problems getting dropped from games in the past (specifically Battlezone II) so I’ve gotten into the habit of opening ports for online games over the years.

Aha! So you have a history of being dropped from other games, eh?

I’ve had similar problems and found it usually occurred when I had some sort of PTP software running like eMule or Azureus. Make sure you turn all of that stuff off as it can play havoc with your Router due to the large number of net connections they create.

No, I don’t have anything like that running. No firewalls, either …except the router itself.

It’s strange. I can’t find any reason for it. …and I’m a tech, too. :confused: