Card Game Search Function

Will the search function be implemented in the next Vassal updates?
I mean when you’re building a deck and looking for a card you type the name of a card in the search bar and it gives you as a result that card or a list of cards containing that name.
Or is this ability already implemented in Vassal?
Thanks to all in advance.

It already is built in. Normally, you would right-click the card deck and you’ll get an option to pick a specific card. You’ll then get a list of all the cards in the deck and the one you select is moved to the top.

If you don’t have that option in a module that someone has built, you would need to talk to the module creator as they have obviously suppressed this option.

No,you didn’t understand my issue.I know that the function that you said already exist,but the function i was asking for is another.I’ll make an example to explain it better:i want to put a card in my deck,so i open the library where there are all the card sets of the card game.Normally i would scroll the cards’ lists and look for that card “manually”,but i want to know if there’s a function that allow you to type the card name in a bar that will give you a list of results.
Example:i want “Tyranitar” in my deck.Is there a function that allow me to write tyranitar in a search bar that will show me immediately the card?Just like dueling network or dueling book if you want a better example.