Cardboard Database

The game I am looking at has a “cardboard” database with two tables, leader and divisions.
-Each division is commanded by a single leader.
-Each leader can command multiple divisions and other leaders.

On cardboard that means the leaders are placed on the map. Each leader has an off map track with numbers, say 1-5.

  • If a division counter is placed on the 4 box of leader X that means that division is commanded by leader X and contains 4000 troops.
  • If leader Y is commanded by leader X it is placed on the track of leader X and its divisions are added to the forces directly commanded by leader X.

In the game this works really well. But it does require frequent (and tedious) counting of Strength Points. Typically each side has 20+ leaders on the map making it hard to remember the composition of all the forces.

Of course a computer should be great at keeping track of all this detail. But I don’t see an easy way to implement it in VASSAL.
I had a look in the COIN modules as these keep track of a lot of stats for different zones. However in this game each side has 20-40 leaders leading to hundreds of squares to code. Which if they can’t be imported automatically would test my patience.

Alternatively it may be possible to map the leader displays to a square grid with row numbers corresponding to leaders and column numbers corresponding to SP. But this feels like a bit of a hack.

Of course the situation screams for a small SQL database but I assume that would be stepping outside the bounds of VASSAL. And it would still require a GUI to see/manipulate the tables.

On the other hand a separate app could be used for ftf play without vassal and save lots of time counting factors. The vassal module would then just need to some sql queries on the external app. The project then becomes a coding project rather than configuring a vassal module.

Is it possible to import lots of zones like we can bulk import counters.
Is there a build in SQLlite or similar in VASSAL?