Cards visibility.Maybe a bug?

I.m the designer of Here I stand module. Someone report me a bug in that module. The cards are visible for everyone when they shouldn’ be visible as they have the mask property. I have been browsing the module but i can’t see the error. Maybe is a bug?
Any help? Thanks in advance

Do you have Face Down = Always in the Deck properties?


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Yes,is it right or wrong?

Was this ever resolved? We are about to start a game of HIS and I realized we can see each other’s cards.

I have looked at the mod in edit mode and cannot figure out why it isn’t working. (I even tried changing the traits on some cards, saving the mod, and it acts as if nothing has changed!)

This would seem to be a mod specific issue as no other mod with cards is exhibiting the same problem. Am looking in to it

MadSeason wrote:

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Your reply in the other thread makes me wonder if it isn’t related to the updated (or non-updated) scenario issue. Maybe not. When I redid the card masking in a different way and started a true new game, it works.

In that case, yes your change works but now the original scenario files will
be no good as they are out of date and will not incorporate your change so
you would have to redo the scenario files

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