Caution on Layer feature "Only show layer if property"?

V3.7 adds a performance feature to the Layer trait: “Only show layer if property…”.

I think some caution should be mentioned in the Help on this new feature.

In this example, handSide is specified in the new field, whereas formerly it operated (and is still in) the expression (level 2 is a blank image).

Notice that the Level property is 1; in fact it would be 2 but for the handSide filter.

Is this new feature designed on the assumption that Level 1 is the blank layer ?

Especially if retro-fitting this feature, there is a good chance that module features will be based on expected values of the Layer properties that are different when the controlling property triggers “off”.

Has this been addressed?

I don’t think it has been addressed yet. I have used the feature extensively, but bearing my “discovery” in mind.

I imagine that the caveat is integral to the feature itself (the whole point being to avoid progressing to the more compute-intensive part). i.e. it’s a property equivalent of active / inactive. So, I thought perhaps the solution would be to highlight this limitation in the documentation.