Cedar Mountain v2.20 Marker Issues


I’m in a game of Cedar Mountain (GMT Twin Peaks), and I’ve noticed a problem with the stacking of play markers. Whenever any of the markers are added to a stack, they immediately go to the bottom of the stack, and I’m unable to move them except within the stacking of markers. Also, when stacked, the markers won’t expand.

If I have a stack of units, and add strength point losses, it’s difficult to remember which strength goes with which unit. If a marker is needed on top, it’s necessary to hover over the stack to see what lies below the units.

I have played this with an earlier version and I don’t recall this being a problem before. I’m wondering if this just popped up with the newest version of Vassal, and not with the module. I’ve also gone into the module to try and figure out the issue, but when I do so, I get multiple “phantom” windows as I click on a window and move my cursor about…

Yes, it is possible to play the game in its current state, but it is tough keeping everything straight.

It sounds like an Issue (feature?) with the "Game Piece Layer’ of the map. If the units and the markers are on different “Layers” (there will be a Marker-Layer= XXX trait associated with the pieces. If they have different values they wont stack.