Center on Opponenets Moves request

Hi all. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to keeping and improving this great platform.

I have a request, but I am afraid it might be a module specific request, or at least need to be modified in each module, but hopefully not.

In the module Preferences, when “center on opponents moves” is turned on, I would like to see the map always center on the unit being moved, instead of the way it is now.

Now, if the piece being moved is anywhere on the screen, the screen does not shift to center on teh unit, it just stays the same, and I end up hunting for the unit being moved, and back clicking and forward clicking to find which piece is being moved.

Not a major problem, I know, but I thought I would ask if it is possible to be modified, or at least adding an option in the basic VASSAL for this to be selected.

Again, thanks to all of you who keep this running,


I believe Claudio made a new preference for Vassal 3.5 – look for “Recenter Sensitivity” on the main preferences screen when the 3.5 Beta comes out soon – please help us test that during the beta as the beta is our best chance to get it working really well!