Center the opponents map by CTRL-Mouse-click

In order to minimize communication between opponents in HEX based games, a useful feature would be to implement as a core feature what VASL did for centering the opponents map to see what you are doing. Either a Center opponents map button or hot-key.
The feature works regardless of whether there are any counters (friendly or not) in the hex.

Functionality: Player-A holds CTRL key down and right-clicks the mouse button. A red ring appears as confirmation that the action was performed and allows him to visually see the hex he clicked on. The opponents view of the map centers on that hex and the red ring is displayed allowing the opponent to confirm the hex that was selected. After a short delay of a few seconds the red ring will disappear.

Priority: This feature is so useful that I strongly recommend it be added as a core function, if it doesn’t already exist. Without this function, players must constantly communicate the hex numbers as to where they are moving pieces or viewing. In a double-blind game, this is especially important.

See : Global Options > Center on opponent’s moves > can be set to always, never or user preference