central america: The united states backyard war

Hi all,

I am a newby of vassal and I would like to take a try on central america: The united states backyard war.
Does anyone want to play ?

ok , well i own that classic. But havent played it in 30 years & even then , it being a Victory game , i probably never played it correctly. You do realize that most VG’s are not just games, but a way of life ?
After noticing your post i broke out the game/rule BOOKS< < and quickly realized this would be a massive undertaking im not quite sure i am ready for. Yet.
Question #1 have you played it much & how familiar are you with the rules ?
Question #2 ( i havent looked yet ) is there a vassal mod ?
Currently have a game on my table and will be playing a few more scenarios before putting it up. But always up for a game and a reliable playing partner.
Considering Central America as my next project. Opponents with common games being rare indeed.

Yes the rule book seems the autobiography of a warlord…

  1. I have played it very few times and for me it is the same as you said… maybe I forgot some rules…
  2. yes there is a vassal mod.