Central America/Yom Kippur/Firepower

Hi All

Played VASSAL a few years back PBEM. Have been doing ASL using Skype recently…anyone up for a game of one of the above games?


Central America… Which scenario?

Hey Rich

Never played it…have you?

I am in NYC…your loc?


I’ve played a few times solo. Take a look at the scenarios and see if anything jumps out at you.

I’m in SC. You’re in NYC??? My condolences… Ever thought about leaving??? :slight_smile:


Like Rich , I only ever managed solo play (that I remember) a long time ago. Got this game when it was new and haven’t touched except to move twice since then! I love using the Skype as well and would like to play.

I have the feeling that Pooch didn’t take too kindly to my jab at NYC.

Anyway, I’m up for either scenario #2, The Soccer War, or #3, The Fall of Somoza.

Anyway, where are you? When would be a good time to set-up and start?

I’m in St. Louis, Mo. and it will have to be next weekend as I have an abnormally busy work week ahead of me. I’ll re-learn the game this week though in the early mornings (no one ever wants to play at 5:30AM ?).

A very good game as I remember, I am interested in playing it.