Change image while in moderation


I uploaded an incorrectly sized image for the Game Box on a newly created module page. The page and all the images are in moderation right now and this image is taller than 200px which the docs say means the page will be rejected. How can I fix this?

Also, how do I access that page to make edits while it is in moderation? I need to upload the game module.


I am also curious about how moderation works and how long I should expect moderation to take. Right now there is no trace of my uploaded images or module in the Wiki logs, which makes me wonder whether the uploads were truly successful.

Sorry - I have a day job - please be patient…


They got my images and the rest approved within 24 hours of the above post and the Gamebox image was displayed with my later corrected version. Any change I made has been up in less than 24hrs.

I was able to get to my page while awaiting moderation by going through the create process with the same module name. My proposed page was there for further edit rather than a blank page. After approval there is an Edit option displayed on my page if I am logged in.

That should have been Argothair…typo, oops.

Tim tackles the moderation queue as time allows. I’ve always been impressed with his turnaround time—most modules and changes are cleared within a day. Please understand that everyone gets busy or goes on vacation once in a while, so it’s not always possible to be that quick.

All your uploads were approved yesterday. I see all kinds of files for something called “Lightning war” you uploaded

The reason that you are not seeing your stuff anywhere is because you never created a module page to hold the content which is kind of crucial in the whole process.
You might want to start here… … odule_Page

nevermind - you are there…