change request - multi-unit property changes

Currently when you select 5 or 10 units to apply a command to, the command is applied to all the units.

Unfortunately the command only goes as far as a keystroke.

So if you want to change the movement factor property of 5 or 10 units for instance, you can select them all issue the command but you will prompted 5 or 10 different times to enter (possibly) the same movement factor. That is not such a bad example - but consider if you are selecting a unit type from a list of 30 or 40 possibilites and just want to apply the same result across 20 units - right now it is a nightmare.

I propose that we consider a change where with multiple units selected the command responses for the dialogs produced by the commands continue to propogate across all the selected units instead of re-prompting the user over and over.

Downside - that I see - right now if you like to use the multi-select to set a property to not all the same value, you would have to break that habit and perform this in groups of units which are to receive the same target value.

Upside - if you have an appreciable number of units that all require the same change, you do not have to go thru the process for each of them.

If the downside is just too much… well, I understand. But it seems like something we should at least consider.

On Nov 15, 2008, at 10:03 AM, IrishBouzouki wrote:

Middle ground:
Add a check box “Apply to all” to the prompt box.

Ideally this would only be enabled when multiple units are
selected, but if that is too tricky, it wouldn’t hurt to have it
active even with only a single unit selected.

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yeah that is a good middle ground, provides the functionality of both.
let’s make the form of the request for feature then.