Change Scenario Game Board?

I recently added a new game-board option to a module I am updating. The result is that all of my pre-made scenarios have no board. They all disappeared. Is there any way that I can bring a board into these scenarios and refresh pieces? Or, am I doomed to rebuild all the scenarios from scratch?

Did you change the name or remove the existing board from the module that those scenarios where built with?

You can’t change the board in a pre-existing scenario, but you can replace the existing image with another, by changing out the board image file and keeping the same name

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Thank you very much for the tip! While I have you, is it mandatory for the “Main Map” window to have the name “Main Map”? It would seem so…I break stuff when I try to change it.

The name for a map window can be whatever you want–but if you change it after creating predefined setups, you will of course break those predefined setups.

Thanks, I thought I had accounted for that, but I’ll have to re-assess.

As a rule of thumb, if you are going to make structural changes to the model, especially to maps, then your pre-defined setups are going to be toast. One good reason to leave it until the end of development before putting a huge amount of time in to them.


Got it, good advice. I thought I should ask before doing all the work. Thanks for taking the time.