changing Profile Info

Does anyone know how to change the profile info.

Thus spake Luftmann via messages:

Does anyone know how to change the profile info.

Can you be more specific? What profile info? Where?


I believe there are at least two profiles.

  1. There is your Wiki profile. That should appear as a broken link. It can be created and edited just like any other wiki page, though it does require moderation.

  2. There is your Forum profile. You go to the link near the top of the forum that says “User Control Panel”. The first tab says “Overview” and the second “Profile”. You want the second obviously. That gives you one form. Now to the left there are some more links: “Edit Avatar”. “Edit Signature” etc.

Maybe there is a third for the bug tracker, though I am not sure. Anyway I hope that helps.

I’m referring to my VASSAL Profile, because I need to update my info and pic. thanks.

Oh, heh, yes that’s surprisingly counterintuitive to find, because you instinctively click “Modify Account” (which is in the location that this stuff would normally be on most websites), and you don’t get what you want.

(1) Go to the forums (click “Forum” tab at top)
(2) Click “User Control Panel” link which is in the upper(ish) left just underneath “Board Index”
(3) Click the second tab, “Profile”
(4) “Edit Avatar” will now be one of the options on the left side.


Thank you for the help, I was able to change what I wanted.