Chart Window - Charts Will Not Tile


I’ve had this problem before and was told it was simply the size of the files … I DO NOT BUY IT.

No matter how small or big or what version of vassal (I have 3.2.17, 3.4.8, 3.4.12, 3.5.7 and NONE of these work) the same result, the chart window files will not tile. They stop at 61% or 62% The map file is over 4 times larger than any individual chart and it tiles.

This is a continuing annoyance. How do I solve this problem?


We need the module in order to help.

Drop me a line at and I will send you the dropbox link.

Thanks Much,

I can see from the errorLog when I open your module that three images fail to tile, with the error “Unsupported Image Type”:

images/SOP Front.jpg
images/SOP Rear.jpg

I checked these with ImageMagick’s identify command, and got the following output:

[uckelman@scylla s]$ identify images/SOP\ Front.jpg 
images/SOP Front.jpg JPEG 2588x3338 2588x3338+0+0 8-bit CMYK 2.78185MiB 0.000u 0:00.003
[uckelman@scylla s]$ identify images/SOP\ Rear.jpg
images/SOP Rear.jpg JPEG 2588x3338 2588x3338+0+0 8-bit CMYK 2.31484MiB 0.000u 0:00.003
[uckelman@scylla s]$ identify images/TEC.jpg 
images/TEC.jpg JPEG 2588x3338 2588x3338+0+0 8-bit CMYK 2.06677MiB 0.000u 0:00.002

They’re all using the CMYK colorspace, which is unusual for JPEGs intended to be displayed on-screen. I suspect if you converted them to sRGB, tiling would succeed.

I thought of that. Didn’t work.

Found out WHY that didn’t work. I had thought of this angle and inserted the RGB files. And it didn’t tile. BUT I had neglected to remove the CMYK files entirely from the build file. I had to open it with WinRar and remove the CMYK versions entirely. THEN the RGB files tiled correctly.

Odd, though, I made no effort to change original game graphics to RGB to CMYK or vice versa. But from now on I will make sure all graphics are RGB.

I was expecting you would replace the three images with converted images of the same names and clear the tile cache before reloading the module. There shouldn’t be any need to edit the buildFile if you do that.

Been doing graphics for nearly 3 decades so I am aware of the peculiarities between CMYK and RGB. But what didn’t occur to me previously was the need to entirely remove the CMYK files. I had left them in simply because it hadn’t occurred to me to remove them. And this prevented the RGB files from tiling properly. So from now on, it’s RGB all the way. I’ll make special effort and I’ll have to be mindful that Photoshop 7 defaults to CMYK.

BTW, I wouldn’t save any of those three files as JPEGs. They’re all text and line art, so PNG would be more appropriate.

I would normally do everything in png, but I’ve had some problems with overall vmod size not to mention internal individual file sizes.

I converted two of the three of those files to PNGs as a test; one came out a few KB larger, the other a few KB smaller. If you ran them through a filter to kill the noise in areas which are supposed to be a solid color after converting them to PNGs (or, if you have the original vector art and could save them as PNGs directly), you could likely reduce their size quite a lot.

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