Chart Word Doc Format?

Howdy Gents,

Is there any possibility one could import a Word .doc or .docx into the Chart Menu instead of them having to be a gif, png, or jpg?
Even a pdf format could be useful.

The Charts Menu already supports HTML, which is a vastly more interoperable format than .doc–any version of Word should be able to take a document and do a Save As → HTML. If memory serves, you probably want “Web page (filtered)” which will strip out most of the spurious Word-specific tags/markup.

Um … what? I’m sorry Joel, I don’t have the slightest idea what html is, let alone how to use it. MSWord I know. Been using it for 3 decades or more. HTML? I know it exists. That’s it.
I’d rather that it be capable of simply letting me import a simple .doc file. All the rest of that is more than I want to fool with or bother to learn. I’m getting older every day. Don’t make me have to learn something new. Faced with that I’ll just ignore it and struggle on without it. That’s just the nature of getting older.

That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all year :slight_smile:

Sorry, didn’t mean to be mean. Word documents are saved in a complex, propriety format that is way beyond the scope of VASSAL to be able to import and display.

HTML is a standardized format that Vassal does support and Ms Word will happily convert and save a .doc file into HTML format. You don’t need to know how it works. The option Joel was suggesting you use simplifies the format of HTML to make it more compatible with the simple version that Vassal supports.

In the worst case, you could take screen shots of your word document, size them with a paint utility and save those as .png’s or .jpg’s and use those.


I’m sympathetic to resisting the need to learn new stuff, but the point–which I did not fully lay out, bad job me–is that you don’t have to! Microsoft Word will generate functional enough HTML to suffice. VASSAL isn’t going to go to the effort of including support for that format, and if you simply bundle in your help/documentation/etc in .doc format, that presents an obstacle to all the people who don’t have MS Word (there are more than you probably think, it’s expensive software).

With about 3 mouse clicks–File → Save As → Web page (filtered)–you can get output that looks basically just like what you’re doing in Word and can be viewed directly within VASSAL by users with no additional steps for them. Absolutely no knowledge of HTML itself is required.