Chat / Screen Scraping Bot

I’ve been toying around with an idea of creating a bot to record games on vassal. The bot would scrape the chat logs and take incremental screenshots, saving them to a remote server. These games would then be viewable by anyone for a limited time via a unique URL posted into the chat log by the bot. The players would have the ability to opt-out of any type of recording via the chat logs. I’m mostly interested in using this for the X-Wing module to provide stats on what types of lists that are most commonly used and allow replay of games to improve strategies. My questions for the Vassal dev community are…

  1. Would something like this be violating any of the terms of use?
  2. Is there any type of APIs that would allow this type of access. Preferably, this would not require being built into the module.

Have the same question about API. Anyone consider answering it?

There’s no API for accessing anything via the game server under VASSAL 3.2 We’re going to publish a standard for VASSAL 4 so that it’s possible for third-party tools to interact with the new game server. Third-party tools connecting to the current game server isn’t supported and I’d prefer not to have to deal with any problems that might cause.