Chat Window Redesign

I’ve had a lot of players ask me if there’s any way to move the chat window vertically, and have the server controls above it. Thus you’d be able to see a lot more of the text while playing a game, since most people rarely type more than 20-40 characters, which would fit much better in a vertical window for some modules.

Is it possible for Vassal to program this in as a selectable option in the Preferences section?

And lastly, would it be possible to allow players to change the background colour of the chat window? I much prefer a dull grey background when i’m readying to a white. Personal preference, I know… :slight_smile:

Thank you kindly for taking the time to check these requests.

I’d like to second this.

The ability to have a vertical chat window, and some buttons controlling colours of various texts, would be a relatively easy and very helpful improvement.

And the ability to set different bold keywords and italic keywords (or both) in a line of reported text! :slight_smile:

the bold you cal already do it. Use HTML

I found that you can trigger different colors based on the color scheme you use in your preferences too, But would be nice to be able to write in chat will multiple colors in-line

Yes - at the time this thread was created you couldn’t use the HTML, but from VASSAL 3.4 onwards it is available.

You can use HTML to write in multiple colors in one line if you want to, e.g.
Blue Text and <Red Text