Chatter loses first character

Well, looking through the scads of threads, I haven’t seen this one yet:

Since 3.3.0 (and still ongoing with 3.4.3), I’ve been noting an inconsistent problem. Sometimes, when I start typing a message the first character is dropped. So I type “B2: 447 @ H3 = 2FP +0”, and I get “2: 447 @ H3 = 2FP +0”. Or if I’m just doing a count (“2”), the entire thing is missed, and of course the enter doesn’t happen, since there was no message.

Generally, I’m looking at my typing, so I just do the extra character to correct it.

And as I said, this is inconsistent. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. At this point I believe that it happens when I’ve just done something to a counter. i.e., move counter, type (miss first character), type another line (fine), move a counter, type (miss first character).

I’m still on Win7, which may also be key; I don’t think my opponents are on it, and they don’t seem to be noticing any trouble.

Hunh. Sounds like a “focus” thing – can you isolate it to when there has been a change of “window focus”? I see there is some Extremely Odd Code in the chat window dedicated to this, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find it has some weird pooty aspects. I’m on Win 10 so don’t have a way to test Win 7, but I would definitely be interested if you can manage to get things down to an exact set of repro steps that always works.

Every time I think I can say ‘do this and it’s consistent’, it goes inconsistent on me.

However, I think I’ve just found something consistent. Selecting a counter in a palette results in getting no response in the chat box. Even if you move the mouse cursor away and the counter deselects.

Most of the time, dragging a counter out from the palette to the map results in losing the first character being dropped, but I’ve had that be inconsistent too, and I can’t figure out the difference between when it does and doesn’t happen.

So, I’m slowly finding that other people are having this problem, so it’s not just me, it’s not just Win7. I can confirm this happens on Win10. And yes, it’s still happening as of 3.5.3.

I still can’t find a simple, ‘it always happens at this point’. Largely, it happens right after selecting a counter on the map, but doesn’t seem to always happen on that action, and I can’t figure out why.

I thought we’d already fixed this, in 14143. Try VASSAL-3.5.4-SNAPSHOT-cbfbe8a9e (or any later build):

Can you reproduce the problem with that?

Initial testing looks like that is working!