Checkstyle Failing 15000+ times in "bsh" and "netbeans"

Somehow even a bunch of rain-dances hasn’t convinced all the bsh & netbeans to hard-fail on CheckStyle stuff

“}” at column 11 should be alone on a line", etc, etc.

I think my initial mistake was doing a “maven clean”.

To be clear: building from the command line shows no problems. Building in Eclipse shows unending errors.

Okay, so I was able to go to “bsh”, and each of the four “org.xxxxx” entries, right click on them, find the “Check Style” entry on the long context menu, and select “Clear Check Style violations”.

This got rid of the errors, but they come back (necessitating repeating that process on five entries) any time I “clean” the project.

So it might be helpful if checkstyle is able to be told to ignore bsh & org.* in a more permanent way? If that’s possible?

I did add bsh.* and org.* to the checkstyle suppression list but the eclipse checktyle plugin seems to not pick that up. I think there is one other way of declaring them off limits to checkstyle, I’ll cook up a quick PR for this.

This here should probably work for Eclipse:

Excellent, thanks! Now have have a look at my latest question in the PR for 13197 :slight_smile: