Am looking at a couple of unplayed games. Would appreciate some feed-back. First is C&C, am interested in trying. Second is naval fighting sail, aware of Close Action & Flying Colors mods. Not sure which to try for actual game themselves and number of players around as well. I am at GMT-7 mountain time.

I can not beleave there are no comments here at least concerning which game suits people . Please let me know how peolple feel about these games for vassal play.

hey Juno,

Never saw your post, or I would have replied sooner. :unamused:

I’ve never played Flying Colors, so I can’t tell you anything about it. I’ve only tried Wooden Ships & Iron men.

I learned C&C about a month or so ago and it’s a pretty decent, simple, and quick game. It’s not that detailed but it’s fun if you don’t want to invest too much time into a game. I’ve played 3 battles so far with 2 different players (won them all… :smiley: ) and it’s been a good experience. It’s also one of the most active games on vassal. =)

thanks Chris, I am happy to hear back from you. C&C comment fits in with what I’ve been told elsewhere. Hope to try sometime soon. Is this usually played live or is it e-mail freindly ?


Hey JUNO, this isn’t a very active forum, I don’t think. anyway.

I’ve played a fair amount of Flying Colors. it’s a lot simpler than WSIM, but very very playable. I don’t know how lively the VASSAL scene is for the game, though.

Some friends and I played the battle of Trafalgar in half a day with FC.

reason I’m asking here is because I would enjoy playing but have problems getting freinds to play ‘wargames’. That is why vassal, or other program is a boon. Luke did you play ftf then?

…almost! Looking for a player friendly game but am quite new to Vassal, but not to wargames per se, having played board games since late 70’s.
Have downloaded the modules to be found here but am willing to take on anything you might suggest, as long as it is not fantasy etc.

Lars/ Dubai, UAE (Orginally Sweden though)

Hello Laes, let me know which games are of interest to you. Era, strategic, tatical. right now i am playing totaler Krieg , Empire of the Sun and Paths of Glory. Play most by e-mail.


I play almost anything, currently I have just finished MMP’s DAK (OCS) but some of my favourites are:

Europa and The Great War Series,
SPI/ DG’s Wacht am Rhein and Atlantic Wall,
MMP’s OCS and SCS series, as well as their ACW brigade and regimental series.
Naval battles, have only played WSIM as boardgame, but the HPS computer naval sims though.

Am new to Vassal, have only these last days downloaded the engine and the modules, but having scanned through the modules, I would guess that the MMP module of South Mountain would be a not too difficult start.

Or maybe the Musket & Pike series, but they might be a little bit more complex.

Pacific War (VG) is a board favourite but might also be too complex as there is a lot of interaction within a turn.

Any suggesitons?


Sorry, spelled your name wrong. Have played Pacific War ftf, enjoy the ‘new’ card driven games and actually had GMT’s civil war game in my hands today but did not purchase. Have enjoyed many SPI games over the years. A favorite was Gettysburg. I do not own any of these now but if you do pm me a list of what you have and I’ll respond with mine. We should be able to get started with something smaller and work up from there.

I will mail you directly, list comes!

Here’s my list of Vassal gaming experiences (PBEM only!), hope this helps:

Case Blue (OCS)
Iron Tide
Tunisia (OCS)
Manassas (CWB)
Talavera (NBS)
Marengo (NBS)
Eastfront II
Westfront II
Russian Campaign
Europe Engulfed
Afrika II (SCS)
Stalingrad II (SCS)
Bitter End
A Victory Lost

OK (more interaction)
ASL (duh!)
Twilight Struggle
Shifting Sands
Triumph of Chaos
Great Battles of Alexander
Close Action
Wilderness War

Bad (sadly, these games really are excellent played live.)
Here Come the Rebels (playable but a little tedious)
Musket & Pike (hundreds of log files!)
Death in the Trenches (never finished, move one counter per log file)

I played Flying Colors ftf, yes.

The most success I’ve had by email is A Victory Lost. I’ve played a few GBoH games but that’s a mixed bag.

I can’t imagine playing ASL by email, but I have played it live, and War of 1812 live as well.

I think FC would work well as an email game.

Oh and Juno, Boardgamegeek is a good place to look for opponents, as well as the “send email” feature on the modules here. BGG has a competitor’s directory here.

Thanks very much, will continue to try new games and contiue playing those that ‘make the grade’.

Hi LukeS

Bit off-topic, but I just wanted to respond to your opinion about ASL (and to inform everyone else on forum who may be interested)

AdvancedSquadLeader actually works almost perfectly in pbem play. Usually only phase where players have to interact is Movement phase, but even that can be easily speeded up with some experience. I played ASL by e-mail for more then 7 years now and sucesfully completed 50+ games including Pegasus Bridge and Red Baricades CG II games. And vaasal module is greatly evolved so I really recommend everyone who has interest in pbem ASL to try it. Also it is fairly easy to find opponent.

But can’t your opponent just watch your whole move and pick the best time to shoot, rather than firing in the moment like in a live game? It seems like all the great, tense elements of bluffing in ASL would be gone…

Theoretically yes, but this is where honor-code for pbem applies. If you think in that direction much more problem would be fact that one player can easily open log, unconceal all opponent units, but well you can find 1000 ways to “cheat” during pbem games, it is all about honor at the end.

At start of MPH in asl pbem moving player often writes condition for stopping, such as : “send back if you break or pin my unit” or “read on no matter what happens”. This takes little experience to determine, but after few games you would almost always know how many moves to send in one log. I had games with 15+ logs for single Mph, but that is exception rather then rule, in most cases it took few logs per Mph.

ASL does work well. On average probably less than 50 log-files per player per scenario. If my opponent is a particularly good skulker, I often have nothing more than “No DFPh, on to your AFPh” in my log-file. :slight_smile: