Civil War

Interested in Gettysburg battles. Not sure which is portayed well through vassal mods. Also would need opponents as well . 8) Any info others could offer up? Played SPI game years ago and seen the new block game just out.

MMP has several Civil War games. They have taken over the old gamers Civil war brigade series with Thunder At The Crossroads covering the battle of Gettysburg. They also have the Regimental sub series games with This Hallowed Ground covering the battle. You can find the core rules and game specific rules on the MMP site under the support tab. VASSAL has modules for both of these game. The site also has the GCACW civil war games with The Roads to Gettysburg title. Again all of the core rules can be found on the MMP support site, and VASSAL has the module. I have never play any of the GCACW but I have played both of the Games titles FTF and online. I would be willing to play any of these games with you live or PBEM.

Thanks for reply and info. I will have a look at these games you’ve mentioned. At this point I am playing most of time PBEM due to
RL time constraints. I will PM you shortly.