clicking vmod does nothng

This is a desperate attempt to get a clue as to what to try next. Double clicking a .vmod file does nothing.

A little background: I am trying to help my brother remotely install vassal and a .vmod. IHe is not tech savvy, so every misstep or hiccup is a 10 minute journey of frustration. Nonetheless, we succeeded in installing Java after a huge struggle and reboot. We installed vassal after a long delay. But finally both were achieved. Now, he double clicks a .vmod file and the windows 10 PC asks him what to do with the file. “Open” is apparently not one of the options. This tells me that Windows does not recognize the .vmod extension which I fully expected the installation would have configured.

Do you think the version of Java is wrong and causing this problem? Or that the vassal installation borked? Or that the windows safety setting is set to “don’t trust granny” which means it didn’t associate vmod with vassal? Or that there is security software set at the paranoid level?

I know this is a lot to ask without any system information. I am just looking for the most likely cause so I can focus my time during my next grueling session with my brother. We really want to play some of the awesome games I have.

I would recommend that instead of trusting Windows to handle file associations in this case, what should be a far more reliable way to run modules is the following:

  1. Launch VASSAL
  2. In VASSAL, go to File → Open Module
  3. Browse to the module file, select it, click Open

Now the module is saved in the initial Module library view you get when starting VASSAL. In short, use VASSAL and launch your modules from within it instead of double-clicking module files in Windows Explorer and coaching the operating system into knowing what to do.

I will have my brother do that. Thanks for replying.