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Thought we should restart this thread in the correct place.

Joel, could you please merge in swampwallaby-latest@2946. I forgot to actually save the gpid’s in the save file (!). That should be it for the actual generation and storage of the gpid’s.

Also outstanding is swampwallaby-latest@2943 which fixes the getAllMaps() issue I introduced and modifies the visibility of PlaceMarker.createMarker().


Hi Joel, Rodney,

swampwallaby-merge@3141 has a fix for a small bug I stumbled across:
You can’t display a Global Property in a Text Label of a piece that has a Set Global Property trait defined.


And also swampwallaby-merge@3146 fixes the reporting of movement of Invisible units.

Hidden movement is always reported separately from visible movement and replace the piece names and locations with ‘?’.


Thus spake “Brent Easton”:

Merged at 3149.


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