CoH Module Upload - I goofed

Hi all,

I’m not sure where to post this, but I need help cleaning up a mess I made on Ailse 4. :confused:

I was uploading the new Conflict of Heroes module for the designer and I see that this wasn’t a good approach. He should be the one to upload and then he can be recognized as the contributor.

Also, I somehow made two entries for the module and one is completely blank and should definitely be deleted.

Would it be possible for somone to delete: … &page=Home

Also, it may be worth deleting the other entry as well so I can encourage the designer to upload and get the credit. Or if a way can be found to fix it so he is recognized as the designer, that would be great.

Anyone reading this is welcome to downloading the files for the module here: … page=Files

Best wishes and happy gaming to all. Thanks in advance for help from anyone with adminstrator access to the site.


All you need is the designers user name on main vassal site and you can add
him as tone of the contributors

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I’m just not following. How do I get his name on the main VASSAL site?

Ask him what his username is. Then in the module contributor list add that

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Thank you Tim!

When i load this module I do not see any board graphics despite having unzipped the board files into the same directory? Do they go somewhere else? It seems to be absent of any installation instructions…

It looks like the files inside the board zips are Extensions. You can add them to your module by right-clicking on the module in the Module Libarary and selecting ‘Add Extension’.

Could the module designer for this module please rename the extensions to include a .vext extension and add some documentation to the Home page to let people what they should do with them.


Brent Easton
University of Western Sydney

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When I try to add the maps as an extension it says that the file isn’t valid - any ideas? I’m on a Mac, if that matters.


Here is a link to the temporary workaround discussion for Mac users.

The vassal entry has been modified and files with .vext extension uploaded.
Also a newer CoH module has been uploaded that corrected the missing save
file for firefight 5, hidden mines in 7, side selection in 8 and 9. I also
added a startup.txt file that includes installation instructions as well as
module feature descriptions and usage. The text file is also included in the
module under the help menu.

There are two entries in the module list but I’m only contributor to one of
them. The home(wiki) link on the module’s page points to the wrong entry.
Can a moderator fix this for us please? The correct page will have the
boards with .vext extensions on them.

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Hi Chuck, twas I who did the double post and have left the wrong files abandoned in the second entry. Unfortunately I no longer have permissions to delete the file so we do need someone at the admin level to help us.

My apologies. I’m not finding the wiki and upload areas helpful because, as a user, you seem to get logged out rather quickly by the system. This lead - in a convoluted way - to me double posting the files. Then I compounded the error by deleting myself as a contributor. The good news is that I’ve learned a lot! :wink:

When you start Vassal and Conflict of Heroes, where are the firefight instructions?? I wanted to try a few solo attempts before buying the game, but I can’t even get started on the first firefight. I will try reading more of the rulebook but I don’t see a lot of help coming from there. (’:?’)

On Jun 8, 2009, at 1:25 PM, Graypnut wrote:

It’s not clear where else the help would come from.

Vassal modules are primarily just a virtual tabletop on which to play
the game. If you aren’t able to play the game normally on a table
top, then you won’t really be able to play it on Vassal. You
presumably just setup the battle the way you would with the physical
game, by dragging the pieces from the palette into position on the
map, and then moving them around.

Now, granted, there may be some automation of common tasks, but that
is largely a convenience. Vassal won’t guide you through the game play.

Or are you having some difficulty in finding where the units are and
using Vassal in general? (I haven’t looked at the CoH module).

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I think you misunderstand. I can choose a firefight, and when i see the board my units are in position. What I’m not sure of, is with the game specifics. I see the card supply, which I put together, then shuffle and move together with the action (damage) chits. How many cards do I draw? The rules say “7. Sort the action cards specified by the firefight. Shuffle and deal each player the listed number of cards.” which I’m sure is listed in the firefight. Another rulebook entry pointing to the firefight summary sheets for instruction is here: “Action Cards - Take card(s) if called for in the firefight. (8.0)”.

So unless you have the game you can’t know how many cards to take each sequence for each firefight. The really nice thing about each firefight in Vassal is the correct amount of cards made available for the deck to be built.