Colonial Twilight :Mobilization bug , v2.2

Windows 11
Vassal module 2.2
Vassal : 3.5.8

The module does not allow playing of the Mobilization card until the Bases + Support is greater that 15, ie 16 and above .
It is not playable when the Bases Support is 15

The card text states that the event is playable when Bases + Support is Greater than , or equal to 15.
So the module should allow playing of the event when Bases + Support is 15

Have you contacted the module’s maintainer about this bug?

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no, not sure how to do that

Go to the module’s page. Is a maintainer listed?

no maintainer that i can see

Developer Joel Toppen

players : Joel Toppen and anomaly99

That page is a bit non-standard. Joel Toppen is the module’s developer, which is the same as being it’s maintainer.

ok, i will shoot him an email.
Shall i delete this post?

No, why? It might be that he wants to respond here, e.g.

just wondering if this was the right place to post. Email to Joel sent