Colonial Twillight - Control of spaces doesn't adjust

I have a problem with Colonial Twillight, modules 1.25 and 1.3. Control of Sectors or Cities should adjus automatically, if you put enough forces into the space. But that doesn’t work. Additionally there is no way to change the control manually.
When you move forcers around (cubes or guerillas) you get an error notification like this:

Bad Data in Module: Expression evaluation error Expression={CurrentZone==FLN Available Forces && Control==“True”}, Error=

Perhaps somebody can help me?

Thanks in advance!

Zone or property names with spaces in them have to be encased in quotes to work in BeanShell expression evaluation now. This is something that probably should never have worked in the first place, but recent updates have now enforced more technically correct evaluation.

As far as I know, the module developer is aware of the problems in all the COIN modules and is in the process of making the required updates.

Thank you!