Combat Commander - activation issue

Running Vassal 3.7.5 and Combat Commander 2.4 and the activation tab no longer seems to work on the counters?

The other options seem to work as normal.

My opponent is having the same issue.

Assume someone trying to diagnose doesn’t know anything about this module. What was meant to happen and what happened instead? What was the last version of VASSAL where this module feature worked normally?

Say I was going to load this module. What is a precise series of steps I can take to reproduce the issue?

Last version I used was 3.6.9 when it worked - I don’t download all of them so not sure about the rest of the updates.

An activated unit shows up with a red box around it - it no longer does.

Load the module - open up a scenario - drop a unit from your side on the map and then right click on it - select activate from the drop down tab choices. If working correctly the unit should now be outlined in red.

Hope that helps

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So far in my testing I’m getting the exact same behavior in VASSAL 3.6.9 (the version you mentioned), 3.6.19 (last of 3.6.x releases), and the current 3.7.5:

Right-clicking and Activating a unit outlines it in green. Clicking the “Next Order” button in the main toolbar changes all activated units outlined in green to being outlined in red. Clicking the “eraser” button in the main toolbar removes both green/red outlines from any units that have them.

All versions are available for download. The best way to interest us in troubleshooting is to let us know which version the last working one is.

Joel - this is the expected behavior. you are not seeing anything wrong. Thank you for proving. Not sure what issue is for OP

Sorry, just got back home.

Yep, what you are describing is what we were used too.

So, since you weren’t having an issue, I tried starting up a new game and it works just fine.

Then opened up the file for our game [PBEM] and it doesn’t work.

I am guessing our game files are corrupted in some way. Never seen that happen before with any of the modules but I guess it could be a thing.

Thanks for taking a look though, guess we will have to restart.

Before you abandon the ongoing game, I’d at least try Tools → Refresh Counters and see if it helps.

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Great suggest, but no joy.

Restart it is, lucky we were only a couple of orders in.

Thanks again for the help!