Combat Commander, Barbarossa to Berlin, and more

Looking to play any of the following:
Barbaross to Berlin
Labyrinth:war on terror
combat commander (any, but at the moment prefer pacific)
fighting formations
roads to moscow
Triumph and tragedy (finding a 3rd is tricky)
Hannibal RvC
Empire of the sun (have the game on my table now)
Washington’s war
Illusions of Glory (heard about some issues but very eager to try it out)
No Retreat! Italy or Russia

Located in Toronto so that’s the timezone
Live preferred.

I’d be interested in playing Combat Commander. I’m EST as well. What hours are you available to play?

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Most daytimes for the next two weeks (at least) due to the Corona situation. Very very available unfortunately haha.


Are you still looking for an opponent for No Retreat, Russian Front?  

I'm on the East Coast and am interested in a live game.


If you’re willing to play by email, I’m looking for a game of EotS. EST timezone for me as well.


Thanks for the offer.  I'm new to Vassal and I think at this time I'd rather limit myself to live rather than e-mail.


I’m up for love Barbarossa to Berlin.

Hi. I am available for Combat Commander or Fighting Formations. Eastern Time Zone (Ottawa)

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Check your pm

I’ve got a group playing pbem/Vassal Barbarossa to Berlin and other WW2 titles. Can I send you the manual?