Combat commander :- C3i Optional Rules counters

Would it be possible for someone to add the optional rules counters, Mortar Spotter and Star Shells from C3i #21 into the CC modules please ?

Molatov and Rubble are already there I see.

Would this be a difficult proposition, or would a Vassal novice like myself be able to do it with some simple instructions (very simple)?

I like the variant rules and would like to be able to use them in Vassal play.

This shouldnt infringe copyright or anything as unless you own C3i #21 you wont know how to use them anyway coz you won`t know what the rules variants are :slight_smile:

They are coming. As you will note they are already in CC:P. Patience. BP3
is around the corner :slight_smile:

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Thx for the quick reply Tim.

I havent progressed to CC:P in cardboard or Vassal yet.

Its sitting there taunting me as I work my way through CCE & CCM.

I cant wait to try it, but I am worried it might diminish my enjoyment of the 1st two as I believe it contains quite a few rule changes and is considered by many to be the best of the bunch.

I have already P500 ordered BP 3.

Great work on the current modules by the way, they are the best I have played on Vassal so far.