Combat Commander Error

Had a game of Combat Commander Mediterranean and came across an error. When I activate a (any) unit it does not highlight the unit with a green outline. Also when I click the ‘end order’ none of the units I have activated have a Red outline. Everything seems to be working fine except this in the Med module. I check all the Med games and none of them had the green or red outline. I then went back and check a number of the modules in the other other packs and they all seemed to work fine (red and green highlights). I then reloaded the Combat Commander Europe module and the Med modules (also all the other modules) and still I still have the same issue. I was playing my first game of Med (Tussle at Maleme) on line and the person I was playing against had the same problem.

Anyone run into this or know what is going on? Is it a program glitch with Med?